J'apprends le racisme à mon ours en peluche

J'apprends le racisme à mon ours en peluche / Teaching racism to my Teddy Bear is a video about... well, everything is in the title, actually.

Voice and teeth by Camille Turlot


"Daddy will be so proud"

What is racism? It has been scientifically proven now that humankind is not a species divided in different races and that the notion of race for humans is irrelevant. It’s a fact. So how come misconceptions like “white supremacy” still exist and thrive throughout the world? It’s because racism is not rational. It’s a behavior passed on from generation to generation, an unnatural feeling of fear or hate towards difference. It works like an immediate response to a stimulus perceived as threatening to us. We all experience it at some levels, unfortunately, but at its worst, it becomes an ideology, a well organized use of that feeling of fear acting like brainwash and providing a certainty to be “in the right” or legit in our racism.

So, how can we fight it if not through science and reason? Maybe first by acknowledging that racism is something you learn, but not as you would mathematics or History, more like a bad reflex or a legacy provided by our families, friends or even society itself. Teaching racism to my Teddy Bear tries, with humility, to catch a glimpse of the process of racism.