N2U is a contemporary art French group created in 2016.

N2U is a French contemporary art duo created in 2016. At its origin are artists Eric Szerman (director and composer) and Camille Turlot (video-maker, author and performer).  Both trained musicians with a degree in business for Eric and one in philosophy for Camille, they started working together in Paris 15 years ago.

First as founders of “Les artisans de la voix” a professional artist training center subsidized by the French state. They dealt also with private clients such as Oscar winner's Juliette Binoche or corporations like Disneyland Paris serving as vocal and acting supervisor for their shows.

Then they went on producing, writing and directing their own shows in Paris, France, for ten years. Awarded people's choice in Cannes for Epouse-moi! / Marry-me! (2007), winning Best authors by Beaumarchais-SACD (French writer society) for Les Indifférents / The Outcast (2008) which was also commissioned by the Region Ile-de-France to fight against discrimination (2009), commissioned to write a musical adaptation of Poil de Carotte / The Redhead (2012), they never stopped pushing the boundaries of subject matter and storytelling through text and music.

In 2014, for their new theatre project, they’ve decided to explore transmedia storytelling and created a web series called Comédien(ne)s. The web series was chosen by Arte Creative, to be on their home page for ten weeks.

In 2015, happy with the success of this new experience, they’ve decided for their new project La française (La francesa) to include video-projection, mapping and installations on stage in order to create new forms of narrative. Interaction between actors and video built new possibilities to express their views on the world and their aesthetic.

In 2016, they form N2U, as an organic part of their artistic development, to break through the fourth wall and continue experimenting digital art in all its possibilities.

In two years, they have exhibited in Tripostal in Lille, France, have performed in the museum complex of Siena and at la Gare saint Sauveur in Lille, and have been selected by the Jerusalem and Cuzco video art festivals and the Eye’s Walk festival has commissioned them a video to be projected at the Greek ministry of Culture. At the moment, they are working on their new interactive and immersive video art installation CHIROMANCY for "La Nuit Blanche 2018" in Paris.

October 2018,  Creation of their  interactive & immersive  installation CHIROMANCY  during the contemporary art festival Nuit Blanche 2018 in Paris, France.

August 2018, Projection of the Stain at the Lima Film Festival. Lima, Peru.

July 2018, Creation of their new video interactive in situ installlation MIXITE for le trop plein, a cultural non profit organization in Montreuil, France. 

June 2018Andalucìa is projected in the street as part of  the Trikala's Festival of Art and Music in Trikala, Greece

January 2018, they are part of the group exhibition “Brought to light” in Paris and create two new works:  The reflectors, an interactive installation and Artificial Dumbness, a video sculpture. For the first time, they are experimenting with 3D modelisation and 3D printing.

November 2017, their new video art The stain is part of  the official selection for the video Babel Festival in Cuzco, Peru.

July 2017Andalucìa is part of  the Eye's walk festival in the island of Syros, Greece.

May 2017, The Eye's walk festival comissions the video "The interview by N2U"  to be broadcast at the Ministry of culture in Athens, Greece.

March 2017, Anthropomorphing is selected for the opening of the show organized by the collective (C)Omsoz in Galerie Louchard in Paris, France.

January 2017, they are invited to present their performance Anthropomorphing at the international conference meteoriti" Breaking culture" organized by the Museum Complex of Santa Maria della Scala, Siena, Italy.

December 2016, their art video Andalucia is selected for the AVI festival , the international art video festival in Jerusalem, Israel.

November 2016, they win 3 merit awards for the same work at Le Tri Postal's Maker Faire in Lille, France.

July 2016, they hold their first exhibition “Sacred Fires” with the collective Autrement at Espace St Laurent, Verneuil s/ Avre, France. The works presented are Anthropomorphing, a digital performance, and Don’t look the sun in the eye, a video-installation.

2015 La Française / The French woman, play with songs and video-installation

2014 Comédien(ne)s / Actors, the web-series (10 episodes) Selected by Arte Creative, the French-German cultural channel TV  equivalent to PBS to be promoted on their digital platform.

 2014   Comédien(ne)s / Actors, play with songs at theatre Comédie Bastille.

2012-2013    Poil de Carotte / The redhead, musical adaptation of J. Renard’s novel. Commissioned by the D. Eguren Company. Presented on tour.

2009-2010    Les Indifférents / The Outcast, musical with video-installation at l’Oeuvre

2007-2009    Epouse-moi! / Marry me!, off-Broadway like musical