The digital duo N2U was formed in 2016, but we have been collaborating together in the field of performing arts and especially theatre since 2006.

Now free from the 4th wall, we explore since then the different possibilities that digital art has to offer through interactive and participatory installation, video art (actual footage or animated), mixed reality installation, video sculpture, performances and video mapping. And we’ve kept from our former practice a taste for theatricality, tragicomedy, the absurd and a strong interest in addressing sociopolitical issues.

Obsessed by contemporary art for years, but without a formal training, we search and experiment using the tools of the technology available to us (special effects and editing softwares, 3D modelization and printing, motion sensors, video mapping software…) learning as we go along thanks to the unlimited resources of the internet, with a Do It Yourself attitude that we carry as a badge of honor.

Very concerned by the environmental and social issues of our time, we stand for an art that is inclusive to all audiences but still responsible and thoughtful, finding its roots within the heart of the contemporary art tradition from Duchamp’s Ready-made to surrealism, from pop art to Art Brut and Arte Povera. We want to create art that can be appreciated on many levels, and make it an intimate and collective experience at the same time, addressing serious issues, without losing our sense of humor, and offer a vision of the world without imposing it with sincerity and humanism, while always keeping the emotion at the center of our work. That is our definition of a free art.

And as far as public art goes, our statement is to create interactive and participative large scale artwork with what we can only carry in our luggage in order to promote sustainability and minimizing carbon footprint.