Ecosystem is a participatory digital installation about sustainability. An ecosystem is a system of interconnected elements, formed by the interaction of a community of organisms in their environment. In our Ecosystem, those organisms are the population and the environment the goods they produce.

We want to create an installation based on « recycling » collected goods into an ephemeral and unique to a location work of art. Once the goods are collected, we will create with them a walkthrough landscape of sculptures and will encourage people to see them in various perspectives thanks to the use of the video mapping technique. See how we recycled our own objects in our studio :

The installation will be constantly changing as we organize performances during which we modify the landscape in collaboration with the visitors. We will encourage them to place or move objects around as they wish so they are all the more involved in the creation.

And as they are fully integrated in the installation, their bodies will also become screens for the projection just like any other object.

Ecosystem meaning organization of the house in ancient Greek, Ecosystem will be organized following the plan of a house that you visit going from one room to another.

A house as a metaphor of the planet we all share, this common good we impact each day by our actions, and which we must take care of if we don’t want to end up living in this horrifying yet strangely beautiful Ecosystem.


If you want us to come to your community and create your own Ecosytem big or small, just get in touch by sending an E-mail :